Friday, December 28, 2012

gamble due

to those who bought a sled at the sale. each board was sold with a playing card sale tag.
9 of CLUBS was picked at random.
if you have that card contact me to discuss a discount towards a custom shape.
records show. there is a winner.

Monday, December 17, 2012


thanks to all who came out the "the boards you don't ride yet sale" those who purchased a sled or two I value your intrigue and know you will enjoy your new tools.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


moderate weight

soft knee pig

countersunk knee pad for the comfort
pig out line
flat deck
no concave
tennis ball rails
fin box- d fin or rake flex

finless mid length

no fins no worries.
slope wave favorite.

flat deck thruster asymmetric.

regular foot.

keel n bonzer quad tri-plane.

5"11x 22
regular foot.
oh the way she stay on the high line.

forfeit nothing 4'

easy traveler

camel bottom mini twin 4'7"

could describe some waves in detail to this day for her memorable slides.

mini twinmonns kook box 5,2"

hollow hand made have a fun one.


first of many.

oh pinky. 4'7"

might be the hardest one to let go.
so many memories of joy and bravery.
old board too. pre the short wide hype.
great board.

performance fish

new school rails
single concave
glass on keels
hand dyed Volan

African full fish

African full fish with single into v and more modern rails.
small guy great in small surf
bigger guy great all round.
good flow and stellar paddle
old label Revolver.

solid Balsa channel bottom


strictly lefts. retro single asym for Tavarua 6'7

fabric inlay
textured deck
air brush
reverse rail
this board is a one trick pony. go left. regular or goofy.
old label Revolver.

single fin style. 6'4

build this board years and years ago
fabric inlay
resin art
resin pin line

mini log 6'3

pinched rails and nose ride bells and whistles.

5'7 Balsa Fish chambered

old label revolver.
flat deck small round rails glass on glass fins.

twin fin Kook-box. 7'4"

light and hollow. pig outline. easy to ride you'll never believe it.
old logo Revolver
by Donny brink

cedar alaia. sea the wood

three piece cedar.
old label Revolver
Donny Brink

African Bonzer

old logo Revolver. love this board

regular twin

free lunch 5'8"

full volume flat deck all around egg

Thursday, November 22, 2012

sweet and simple $50

sale price $50

Buy Now Click Here
United States Sales Only

Simple,Small and Hand Made.
Have fun and be safe. Live simple and be thankful.
Enjoy your Water

Thursday, November 8, 2012