Monday, October 21, 2013

News and More from recent happenings, boards and events

It has been a busy and exciting season getting ready for the past weekends show. The Boardroom is an anticipated annual event, this being my third year having a booth. I thank all the surfers and friends who came by the booth with the kindest of words about the craft. We had a wonderful time discussing wave rides and explaining concepts of the boards and sharing thoughts and visions.

This year was a particularly treasured show as I was included in the lineup of 6 shapers chosen to honor Terry Martin in the Tribute to the Masters Shape Off. This was taken with the utmost respect of honoring such a friend and true legend to life and this craft of shaping. I was amongst the most talented of shapers with elaborate pedigrees and years of refined talent. We each recreated a 9'8" Legacy style longboard triple stringer with moderate rocker and a blended concave. Perfectly tuned rails and every inch of intentional perfection in Terry's board which we could study and reference yet not measure. Matt Calvani did well to claim top honor and the perpetual Mike Marshal trophy.  The two allotted shaping hours flew past, yet with a determined pace and dedication to craftsmanship and detail, I was elated with my efforts. My shape finished out well and although I could have spent 3 weeks getting the dust off and trying to make Terry more proud with every nuance, I think he would have been beaming at the board I made and so proud of the encouragement and belief he invested in my path which I draw from daily.

Shaping surfboards is a precious craft and I love to be involved with making surfers boards. The interest for how boards are made from one design to another, was hugely evident at the show in the crowds formed around every shaper, watching through the windowed bays from start to finish.

I have been working hard on the details and design of a new board concept for some time and the results have been rewarding. I was awarded "Best of Show" in the alternative board category for this entry and the concept was received well and had common interest among people as we discussed the thoughts of form and function of the creation. I have a patent pending on the board and look forward to the potential in manufacturing of these in a soft durable format. I feel like we can forever change the world of surfing with a fun pure and extremely progressive all encompassing option like this. The basic premise is: wave shaped rail, beach shaped rail. Go right, flip it over go left. Finless, buoyant, fast, functional, freeing.

Stay tuned for more developments.

Enjoy Your Water,

 Donald Brink