Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korduroy TV Local Legendz post

Its an honor to be included in this initiative, for one I like Korduroy TV. Secondly Brenton you are the Legend. Classic Humans, thanks guys.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shapers announced for terry Martin icons of foam shape off at the Boardroom 2013

Today is Terry's Birthday. I was finishing up a shape and bouncing around the factory shifting gears this morning when his son Josh pulled up. We chit chatted a little and discussed fins and finishes, latest projects and the goings on of the recent few days. I knew it was his dads birthday and I brought it up in the conversation because I knew he must be thinking about his dad a lot on a day like this. He was and he explained how he adjusted his schedule at the drop of a hat to shape balsa and keep things real on a day like today. It is as though he knew those kinds of inklings were birthed in him from the passionate paths of his father. I feel it too, the effects of the encouragement along the way towards your own dreams and goals from a mentor and respected master like Terry was, and is, as the effects of his role in each one of us lives on, challenging us to make a difference and do something.
Donald Brink
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Shaping Life Tribute Film