Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shapers announced for terry Martin icons of foam shape off at the Boardroom 2013

Today is Terry's Birthday. I was finishing up a shape and bouncing around the factory shifting gears this morning when his son Josh pulled up. We chit chatted a little and discussed fins and finishes, latest projects and the goings on of the recent few days. I knew it was his dads birthday and I brought it up in the conversation because I knew he must be thinking about his dad a lot on a day like this. He was and he explained how he adjusted his schedule at the drop of a hat to shape balsa and keep things real on a day like today. It is as though he knew those kinds of inklings were birthed in him from the passionate paths of his father. I feel it too, the effects of the encouragement along the way towards your own dreams and goals from a mentor and respected master like Terry was, and is, as the effects of his role in each one of us lives on, challenging us to make a difference and do something.
Donald Brink
Enjoy Your Water
Shaping Life Tribute Film

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