Friday, March 21, 2014

Surf Careers Article
It is an absolute joy to go shape boards and be involved with their details for surfers everyday. Its been an honor to be included on the recent article by Australian based On-Line feature.
I guess when you dedicate your best thoughts and time of every day to provide something for the benefit of the end user its termed productivity for consumers and thus a career.
I feel it more of an honor and a joy and have been working hard to create a sustainable future for the demands of these thoughts and ventures.
The questions span a brief history of my youth and introduction to surfing, to current designs and motivations. I really enjoyed writing this piece for you as the answers to great and informative questions. Thanks to Matt and the crew at and to the contributing
photographers included: Shawn Parkin and Ben Classen
Click the Link below to the article, enjoy the read, enjoy your water.
Donald Brink

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Single Purpose

Single Purpose. Giving Back. There is always opportunity to serve. Stay tuned this year as we continue doing what we do and creating real change for others. 
It's simple Enjoy Your Water whilst helping others. 
100% of your proceeds go to a project or charity involved. Always. 
This board will help @wavesforwater and their Stella work. #100kworldwaterday is coming up get involved. 
This board will be enjoyed in SF thanks to Mr Lee Jakobs for his excitement and enthusiasm in these efforts. 
 #surfwell #EnjoyYourWater 
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Monday, February 10, 2014

Partner Shape

Partner Shape is an initiative I started many years ago. Although I had not shaped many boards,  I wanted to share the joy and excitement with others who expressed interest in the craft.
I don't claim to know all there is to know about boards and never will. What I do find important,  however, is the necessity to highlight the importance of detail in any board and the beauty of its parts.
I  confidently say to many: "After shaping a board you will never have a bad session again"
It's a brave statement, but from then on its a curious study of rails, rocker, fins and more and even if its barely breaking, just paddling a board can tell one so much.
Investing in suitable tools and working in a controlled and safe environment makes the entire process much easier and will result in refreshingly excellent creations.
Every stage in building a board repeats itself at least once, so its a great platform to show and share from step to step. The aproach to shaping a board is perhaps most important. Knowing what you're doing at any given time and how to get to whats next will take a seeminly daunting task and break it down into steps that we can understand. You will know what we have done, why, what is left and when. This goes for any kind of size or shape. A solid aproach to an intentional design.
Together we can Partner Shape.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surf Splendor Podcast

Amidst a busy start to the year, there have been countless opportunities to witness and appreciate the delights this life brings.

Although I don't try build odd looking boards, the nature of committing to asymmetric changes from nose to tail and rail to rail to enhance a concept or create a forgiving change creates boards that can need a little explaining.

I am honored to have been included in the Surf Splendor Podcast series on the recent episode. It was a  great pleasure discussing a brief history and some board concepts with Mr. David Scales. David asked relevant questions that built on one another throughout our time and created a lovely dialog that you can enjoy. It is always great to have these thoughts challenged and explored by people who know little or lots about surfing.
What continually comes to mind in conversations like these is the fact that this opportunity to play in the ocean is simply a privilege and one must cultivate your fascination for the sea.
Check out other interesting interviews on the Surf Splendor platform.

Enjoy the feature by going to the link below or find it on iTunes or stitcher if you prefer.

Video Sample

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Enjoy Your Water
Donald brink

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January1 Word for the Year

Being grateful is the best condition from which to look forward. It's been a memorable year gone by and the future seems to be one filled with great hope and possibility.
Most years, I like to find a theme or a word on which to hinge the mood or decisive flow and put a sense of intention with explainable reason on the path being forged day in and day out.

It's best to have these thoughts buttoned up before the year turns over and it's been a fun task dreaming of the ways ahead. I resonated with the word DELIGHT, reading it in various passages in the scriptures. I went about learning exactly what it means, to have a deeper understanding of why I was intrigued. The familiarity of its use has declined since the eighteen hundreds yet the meaning has never been so real today.

    de·light noun \di-ˈlīt, dē-\

: a strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction

: something that makes you very happy : something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction

Growing the surfboard brand and working on the details as a custom craftsman has a natural tendency to intrigue me and I love what I get to do. I find it a continued honor to partner with people in their wave riding pursuits. More than this though, the children are growing up quickly and with each day brings a confidence from new learned things and a bravery in the fascination of the new experiences at hand. I have watched the captivation of an animators character on a movie screen displaying a world of fantasy being believed by a four year olds perspective. The simple study of the delicate fibers of the end tassels on a carpet by a toddler as he studies the details with the best accuracy of his motor skills.

Seeing the present in a way that gladdens ones heart and looking toward the future and the thrill it will bring and the charm it will hold leads me to label the year ahead a year of "Delight" We cannot know the details ahead or the joys or pain it may bring. What we can foresee is the mystery of any day we are apart of and the complexity of its detail. This alone can bring a stance of delight.

Enjoy your year and consider the things to be bewildered by. Don't forget to appreciate and cultivate your fascination for the sea. Thank you to all those who have supported our path, ridden a board and helped in this journey. I look forward to the partnerships, potential and plans on the horizon as we take what we know and apply design and intent toward a better world and a better understanding of its creation and maker. For me, this is most obvious in the details of family, art and surfing.
Here's to another year of being #creativeandinnovative
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Enjoy Your Water
Donald Brink

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering Madiba

A quick Ink Brush sketch to honor Madiba and the service he gave. The compasion of this man on the country I grew up in was not deserved or expected. The grace he showed leading us towards freedom for all and equality could not have been writen as it was without him.
In my youth, I clearly remember feeling the overwhelming tension in the air through the times of change. 
It was not expected that a man leading the right way forward was to be one of such grace and without resentment. A country that had done everything to hide the ways, actions, capabilities and potential of such a leader, now at the mercy of his guidance as the people looked to him to lead.
To be honest I thought we were all gonna die, being a young white boy walking the streets of Johannesburg from school running from riots and the sound of gun shots. Mandela was a man in power then, but not a man we knew, never mind one who we now have seen could lead with such grace.
I'm honored to have lived in a country which has undergone such change through a time that was lead by a man unlike any. Thank you Madiba

Fittingly Black and white.
 Ink brush and honor. 
Donald Brink

Friday, November 29, 2013

Short Sale First Five

Its a consistent honor to shape boards for people just like they need and want them. I embrace and find myself fascinated with all types of surfing and boards. Today I'm offering a special for those who need or want a short board and find they value in this deal and the benefits of working on the details involved for a custom hand shaped board. Whether you are referencing an old favorite, or looking for the dream groveler, this season we can build some thing special. Keep it light tight and right.
Consider the options over the next few day as you seek out something just right. Black Friday has a place, but perhaps more importantly and along the traditional roots of surf boards history and heritage. Small business Saturday is tomorrow, so support you local shapers and keep the true essence of those who innovate and create alive.

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Offer available to first five customers,
advertised price includes the shaping
and glass. Clear sanded finish with fin
box system of choice included.
Add for fancies
offer valid only for local pick up
no shipping or international orders
Enjoy Your Water
Donald brink