Monday, August 11, 2014

Creators and Innovators tour

Creators and Innovators 
From one stop to another we met great people, shared the interesting boards we brought along and encouraged everyone we met along the way to ride anything and everything. 

From South Florida to big Apple as the humidity and heat tapered off, the waves improved. No matter where we arrived we shared the local stoke and conditions with the friendly residents. 

Thank you to all those who made it out along the way and for the great conversations and sessions shared. No matter where one lives or what the depth of understanding of your craft you ride may be. The ocean is a tremendous playground and one that besides all is a privilege to be played in with one another in a broken world. Ride anything and everything remembering to enjoy your water.

To those who I missed while traveling, and those showing patience in your ordering process thank you for your continued interest and commitment to good boards and this path we are on together.

Stay tuned for imminent news and releases. 
Donald brink
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