Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Post Show Breakdown. Words with Ben and more

The Boardroom took place this past weekend and was a fantastic event. Offering a collection of board builders, surf related companies and more. The essence of surfing and its parts were well displayed in the trade show platform and on the beach. This years demo day held early morning at 15th street in Del Mar was well attended and we had fun waves to enjoy sharing equipment and chat story.
To all those who made it past my booth, thanks for the great conversations we shared and thanks to the many of you who showed such interest in the the boards and thoughts. 

The Show honored Mr Ben Aipa and I had the most refreshing candid conversation with him prior to the whole shows start. It was an impromptu meeting in the vacant isles that were soon to be filled with energetic surf fans. We talked about surfing and life and the beautiful opportunity we have to enjoy the ocean in the way we do. I’ll forever remember the eagerness in which he embraced the perspective in our dialog, and look forward to connecting on my next visit to Hawaii with his open invitation.
Timothy Hogan's "Fin Project" printed some wonderful images on site and it was great to partner with his team and their efforts.
Take a look at “Reid Levin’s” brisk review for The Inertia"
Work continues now as summer approaches and the new thoughts and designs are feeling really good and being enjoyed. Stay tuned for some news and announcements to follow shortly.
Enjoy Your Water
Donald Brink

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