Monday, February 10, 2014

Partner Shape

Partner Shape is an initiative I started many years ago. Although I had not shaped many boards,  I wanted to share the joy and excitement with others who expressed interest in the craft.
I don't claim to know all there is to know about boards and never will. What I do find important,  however, is the necessity to highlight the importance of detail in any board and the beauty of its parts.
I  confidently say to many: "After shaping a board you will never have a bad session again"
It's a brave statement, but from then on its a curious study of rails, rocker, fins and more and even if its barely breaking, just paddling a board can tell one so much.
Investing in suitable tools and working in a controlled and safe environment makes the entire process much easier and will result in refreshingly excellent creations.
Every stage in building a board repeats itself at least once, so its a great platform to show and share from step to step. The aproach to shaping a board is perhaps most important. Knowing what you're doing at any given time and how to get to whats next will take a seeminly daunting task and break it down into steps that we can understand. You will know what we have done, why, what is left and when. This goes for any kind of size or shape. A solid aproach to an intentional design.
Together we can Partner Shape.

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