Monday, January 21, 2013

I have a Dream

I also have a dream. A dream for Freedom. A freedom to pursue the line you want to and have the least resistance to its flow. A line that will give you the fastest flight to a feeling of a bird. Where control and exploration is always on hand. Lines that will be pure in their path and royal in the observation of style.
A freedom to dream lines.
I have a dream to build boards that will feel like nothing you have every enjoyed so before.
I have a dream to design simple surfboards that flow and allow control to thee.
I have a dream to disregard the visual impresion of the design at hand and never deviate from the form of funtion and flow no mattter how obscure the acuracies demand of its view.
I have a dream. A dream for your surfing to be a treasured time for you forever. I have a dream that we all love one annother and the waters and learn to undertand He that created the sea.
I have a dream to be FREE
Dream with me,
 Will Thee?
Donald Brink 01/21/13

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