Monday, June 10, 2013

News From Brink Surf and more

Brink Surfboards has been enjoying many changes and progression over the past few months. First off I'd like to thank all those who have ordered and enjoyed new boards from me. It's with such respect and honor that I get to partner with your surfing and creative paths. The boards have been brave, and yet, constantly being refined in their flow and concept. Results from your experiences have been rewarding and the feedback from time to time makes the anticipation of the calls or emails so worth it.

The changes of late are very exciting. I moved the factory and am enjoying the new space and dedicated floor plan. This downtime of construction brought with it some late nights of framing and dry wall, vacuum lines electrical etc. I'm almost finished with some details that are being tended to over the next few weeks between your boards.

I was honored to be featured in the Latest issue of Slide magazine Issue #25, it's been a joy to read the story of the path to date that most of the world didn't know. Shawn Parkin was a pleasure to work with and captured the heartbeat of the day to day happenings as they were on camera. Chasen Marshall wrote the piece and put the long text together with precision and talent through his words about mine.

The recent trip to South Africa in March with the family was a delight. I shaped and shared thoughts with the Surfing Community in Cape Town. Those boards and more are being enjoyed since my departure and we look forwards to the images and reports of the freedom they bring in both thought and wave rides.

Things to look forward to. Summer is heating up and there are interesting orders coming in the door, for which I'm really grateful. The belief in the asymmetries has been rewarding and so I enjoy to continue making memorable stance specific sleds for the willing and free. Some interest in the concept shapes is increasing too, there are a few mind blowing designs that I look forward to reporting on which will be completed on the arrival of the blanks on order.

Team rider Teresa O'Connor is continuing to do well and will compete in the events in Hawaii this coming week.

Thank you to all those who support this path and partner with us in yours.

Enjoy Your Water,

Donald Brink

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