Monday, August 19, 2013

News Letter August 2013

Current summer season has seen much change and some new opportunities for my shaping and your surf boards.
Working in the the new factory has been a pleasure. Building good surfboards is an artistic and creative, yet very accurate skill that is smothered in soul. It's birthed from a comfort of ones creative space or current state.

Recent projects include new designs and refinement of others, duplicating or referencing favorite boards and recreating for customers. All these tasks keep the learning curve keen and the hands and eye in tune. I love the variety of boards we get to put together, working with people on the rides of their dreams and details of their surfing experiences.

Its an honor to be included in the conversations of surfing and surfboards throughput the world. Hard work, dedication to a passionate path and a commitment to responsibilities seems to be the common must-haves to things that are built over  time and have a good effect on others and add to the world. My role as a craftsman was included in a recent profile piece for Fiat's new campaign showcasing the 500L. The 4 door elegant ride suits an active family like ours and the needs of a surfer and family man can be met with their new car. The day in life of format was fun shooting and is really a pretty  accurate representation of our daily flow from work to play and more.

The asymmetrical boards continue to be drawing attention and rightly so because reports of the changes made for the heel rail to the toe rail have surfers noticing the benefits of the design in question as we aim to reference their flavor of ride and enhance its performance particularly in small surf. They continue to be fun to shape and design. The bravery of being different is something that is generating joy for those who believe and provides an opportunity for education to others along the way.

Surfing to me is proving to be a deeper and deeper activity the more I begin to asses its pure value and just how well it can be used to add to each and every one of our paths.

Enjoy Your Water,

Donald Brink
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