Monday, November 18, 2013

Testing a board Testing abroad

Building boards based entirely on the output of the surfing experience and the functional elements of each part is a pursuit of freedom. This can create new and alarming statements in a boards look, but it's the perception of the value and the soul of the sum of their parts that often times needs little more than a few words of explanation toward understanding the vision and value and at times to more trained eyes perhaps just a giggle or a grin.

I know some of these boards look different because I'm used to seeing normal ones just like you are. However, in the dedication to bring the best out of performance and be on the cusp of progression, in varying wave types and conditions, with whatever ability or maturity a wave rider has, these brave thoughts have brought much joy to small and meager days at beaches and reefs abroad that will be forever etched within the memories of the surfers ride.

I recently returned from Hawaii, the Queen of the Sea to me. It was a short trip and the forecast predicted smallish surf. I never travel to Hawaii with out a good single fin in the bag, there is something about drawing pure and intentional lines on the stages where so much of what we have come to know all began and continues to be adorned.  I gravitated towards the updated and refined progression of thoughts in my little quad. The water was warm and so were the locals. "Mahalo", a few strange looks and perhaps a comment or two but the board felt so well matched to the conditions on offer.

I have spent so much time in Southern California's weaker waves, longing to create good grovel boards for anyone. The weight of testing similar concepts in a paradise like the islands brought feelings of slight trepidation and awe. I'm learning the reality that the sea needs to be approached and engaged in on whatever level or flavor it has to offer and the smaller days can be intentionally and bravely embraced with design and determination.

Enjoy your water; whether the sun shines, waves break or rains fall. We are to cultivate the fascination we have for the sea and are solely responsible for this. Play in the sea and be free. There seem to be less and less venues in this day and age where creativity and innovation is embraced and honored. Surfing can be the part of your life in which you can bravely learn and live these free traits. From what you ride and how you ride it, wherever you are start pursuing the mysteries hidden in your experiences of the sea on the smallest of days and beyond.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and vision details on how and why surfing will never be the same again because  of the creative and innovative paths and plans of many who care. #creatorsandinnovators

Enjoy Your Water,
Donald Brink

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