Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remembering Madiba

A quick Ink Brush sketch to honor Madiba and the service he gave. The compasion of this man on the country I grew up in was not deserved or expected. The grace he showed leading us towards freedom for all and equality could not have been writen as it was without him.
In my youth, I clearly remember feeling the overwhelming tension in the air through the times of change. 
It was not expected that a man leading the right way forward was to be one of such grace and without resentment. A country that had done everything to hide the ways, actions, capabilities and potential of such a leader, now at the mercy of his guidance as the people looked to him to lead.
To be honest I thought we were all gonna die, being a young white boy walking the streets of Johannesburg from school running from riots and the sound of gun shots. Mandela was a man in power then, but not a man we knew, never mind one who we now have seen could lead with such grace.
I'm honored to have lived in a country which has undergone such change through a time that was lead by a man unlike any. Thank you Madiba

Fittingly Black and white.
 Ink brush and honor. 
Donald Brink