Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January1 Word for the Year

Being grateful is the best condition from which to look forward. It's been a memorable year gone by and the future seems to be one filled with great hope and possibility.
Most years, I like to find a theme or a word on which to hinge the mood or decisive flow and put a sense of intention with explainable reason on the path being forged day in and day out.

It's best to have these thoughts buttoned up before the year turns over and it's been a fun task dreaming of the ways ahead. I resonated with the word DELIGHT, reading it in various passages in the scriptures. I went about learning exactly what it means, to have a deeper understanding of why I was intrigued. The familiarity of its use has declined since the eighteen hundreds yet the meaning has never been so real today.

    de·light noun \di-ˈlīt, dē-\

: a strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction

: something that makes you very happy : something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction

Growing the surfboard brand and working on the details as a custom craftsman has a natural tendency to intrigue me and I love what I get to do. I find it a continued honor to partner with people in their wave riding pursuits. More than this though, the children are growing up quickly and with each day brings a confidence from new learned things and a bravery in the fascination of the new experiences at hand. I have watched the captivation of an animators character on a movie screen displaying a world of fantasy being believed by a four year olds perspective. The simple study of the delicate fibers of the end tassels on a carpet by a toddler as he studies the details with the best accuracy of his motor skills.

Seeing the present in a way that gladdens ones heart and looking toward the future and the thrill it will bring and the charm it will hold leads me to label the year ahead a year of "Delight" We cannot know the details ahead or the joys or pain it may bring. What we can foresee is the mystery of any day we are apart of and the complexity of its detail. This alone can bring a stance of delight.

Enjoy your year and consider the things to be bewildered by. Don't forget to appreciate and cultivate your fascination for the sea. Thank you to all those who have supported our path, ridden a board and helped in this journey. I look forward to the partnerships, potential and plans on the horizon as we take what we know and apply design and intent toward a better world and a better understanding of its creation and maker. For me, this is most obvious in the details of family, art and surfing.
Here's to another year of being #creativeandinnovative
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Donald Brink

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  1. Right on Donny! Beautifully quoted and thought out. See you in the water mate.

    Randy Maa